After seventeen (17) extremely rewarding years we have closed down our ALStrays Re-Homing and Transport project.

Chris retired from pet transports in 2019, and although he was tempted out of retirement several times, he now no longer has the necessary vehicles, certificates or indeed energy so with c1 million miles driven and 10,000 cats and dogs safely delivered throughout Europe that particular life chapter is closed.

Sandra has been running down her involvement in the re-homing project with Germany and is now no longer involved at all, but leaves with the legacy of c3,000 cats re-homed. Since we have been back in the UK she has been working with Cat Protection and will continue to do so.

We have closed the Twitter Accounts, Facebook Page and You Tube Channel we used but will continue to support and promote causes through our personal social media accounts.

This is not the end of our desire to help animals in need by any means. We have a new venture in place: No Boundaries Cricket Club, a Community Interest Company and this will be our next focus, which will include a number of specific animal welfare causes that we will support.

The last seventeen years have defined our lives, introduced us to so many amazing people, and highlighted just how horrendously many animals are treated. We will never stop trying to help them and hope that those that are currently doing such good work continue to find the strength to get up each day and make life a little better for the animals that so need our help.

In due course we think we will revisit the site and document our experiences but that will be in the future as we need a bit of ‘us’ time and to focus on what we do next.

Thank you for all your support.