100 animals could be killed off in a mass slaughter

Nearly 40 years ago, infamous drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar set up his own private zoo at his home in Colombia. At the time, he purchased four hippos — but over the past several decades, their population has grown into approximately 100 hippos living in Colombia’s Magdalena River. Now, the Colombian government wants to kill them all off. We can’t let that happen!

These animals wound up imported into the country through no fault of their own and are just making a home for themselves. Luckily, the hippos are being protected by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which is suing the Colombian government to stop these killings. The case is still ongoing in court, but authorities in Colombia could just abandon their plan without a judge forcing them. Even if the hippos truly can’t continue living where they’ve been existing in the Magdalena River, there are still other alternatives besides mass slaughter. Sign the petition to tell the government of Colombia to abandon its murderous plan!

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