11 puppies were left to die in a trailer

A man in Oklahoma allegedly abandoned 11 puppies inside a trailer for more than a week without proper care, water, or food. The puppies were found by an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s officer in unimaginable conditions. Sign the petition and urge the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department to charge the owner with neglect of these animals and make sure he is held accountable for this horrific crime!

The puppies were found all alone in an animal playpen. They were all malnourished, had worms and were clinging to life! The deputy that found them stated that the smell was horrific and they looked dead, not moving as flies buzzed around them. The poor animals had been left to sit in their own urine and feces for a week and wit for death. Unfortunately 2 of the puppies did not survive the neglect, but Street Dog Rescue and Recovery was able to treat and save the other 9.

Cruelty to animals is a felony in the state of Oklahoma and should be treated that way. Sign now and tell the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department to present this case to the district attorney and have the person responsible charged for their crimes!


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