112 animals in the home, including skeletons

He Collected 112 Animals. The Skeletons of Some Littered His Home.

Authorities recently learned that someone was collecting and mistreating animals at a home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Once they arrived at the home, however, they discovered 112 different creatures — encompassing nearly “every animal under the Sun.”

Sadly, the animals had been severely neglected.

The home included a baby alligator, large goat, a turkey, a variety of birds, snakes, ducks, dogs, rabbits, quail, and more.

Most of the animals were left without water, food, veterinary care, or even clean cages. In fact, animal rescuers stated the home was filled with “many skeletons of small animals.”

Authorities have arrested a man in connection with these animals. But sending him to prison won’t solve the actual problem. The best option would be to ban him from ever owning animals again!

Sign the petition to protect future animals from such conditions!

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