02/07/12: Almita is the first cat from SOS Pechina that we have found a home for. Now just 1 year old, she was there for some time and is healthy but very thin. This unfortunately does happen when there are a lot of cats together in a large pen which is the situation at Pechina. The stronger get a large share of the available food, which is why beautiful Almita and some of her friends are spending the last 2 weeks before the July transport here with me in Almerimar. They now have a choice of very good food, including some Hills a/d convalescent food, and I am hoping that Almita will gain some weight quickly. She IS completely adorable, and is already more playful and very affectionate. She wants cuddles as soon as Pam, Mary or I go to see these cats, and happily settles down on our laps. I am sure when she arrives in Germany 15.07 that her adoptant is going to love her from the first!

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