15 infant pangolins ripped from their mothers urgently need your help to survive!

Saved from the horrors of the Nigerian wildlife trade, these weak, helpless PANGOPUPS DESPERATELY NEED SPECIAL MILK TO SURVIVE. Please, help us rush milk to them NOW!

Please help by making a donation now!

Pangolins are relentlessly poached from the wild because they are eaten as a delicacy in Asian countries, including Vietnam and China, and their scales are used in baseless ‘traditional’ medicines. Often they are strung up, alive, in illegal meat markets and advertised for purchase. 

Juvenile pangolins – known as pangopups – are generally of no “use”, so they are ripped from their mothers and discarded, either in the wild or quite literally in rubbish bins. They will be at most a few months old – and have no chance of survival without help. Our partner, Pangolins International (PI), helps to rescue, rehabilitate and release into safe, protected areas.

With our help, PI and its partners have been caring for eight young pangolins, now they need our help with an additional seven. These 15 rescued, traumatized pangolins, between five and nine months of age, need a special milk formula to survive. It is the closest substitute to their mothers’ milk and is the only nutrition that can help ensure their survival. Pangolins are believed to stay with their mothers for anything from four to eight months.

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