22/02/13: Pantera is a lucky boy. He was rescued from the perera in Almeria by the lovely Spanish woman who had been feeding him for months outside. She noticed that he had disappeared and realised what had happened to him and the 2 younger cats she knew well. The other residents in her apartment block had complained about the stray cats in the communal gardens, and the council had caught the cats and taken them away. Pantera and his friends would have only had some weeks there to find new families before they were put to sleep. His rescuer saved them from this fate. She paid to take him out of the perera, found him a foster home and then prepared him for re-homing in Germany with my vet. In the last weeks we have found this lovely boy his forever home in Germany, and he will be on the 09.03 transport to Germany. He is a lovely gentle cat, and I really liked him when I met him for his photo shoot. I am sure his new family will love him, and I am happy he now has the secure future he deserves.

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