2015 Transport Schedule

I am posting this a little early this year as we are making a slight change to the schedule for next year.

We still plan to run our monthly scheduled pet transport service from Spain to Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK, but we will now be departing on the Friday rather than the Saturday.

The main reason for this is that the Shuttle is so busy on a Sunday afternoon and evening our schedule can vary by plus/minus 5 hours depending on availability and as we often arrive to find the time has changed it causes everyone issues with re-scheduling.

By leaving on the Friday we will ensure we deliver the majority of the animals on either the Saturday or Sunday, which will be more convenient for the owners.

The full schedule for the year can be found as usual on the Schedule and Availability Page.

It is important to note that we will continue to run a fixed schedule using fixed locations for pick up in Spain and drop off in Germany, Holland and Belgium as our transports are 80% full with our contracted preferred partners so they will continue to get priority. Please do not ask us to add extra locations or adjust the schedule. This is the way we run them so if we don’t suit your needs I am sorry but you will need to book elsewhere.

We will continue to run a limited number of Charter Transports so if that is of any interest let us know.

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