2016: Half Year Report

We are half way through our 2016 scheduled pet transports and to date have transported 156 cats and 92 dogs, while Sands Cat Re-Homing activities has seen 57 cats go to new homes already this year.

You can see the full YTD and All Time numbers in the footer at the bottom of the page

With respect to the re-homing project, we have started to look at re-homing cats to the UK and have had some success to date. This will be a focus for the remainder of the year (alongside the Germany Project), with a view to re-homing and transporting more cats to the UK in 2017.

With respect to the transports it has already been an eventful year. Delyse Boyce hung up her driving gloves after years of exceptional work for which we thank her, and Matthew Pyle has jumped back behind the wheel after his illness with no side effects at all, and is scheduled to do all the future transports.

Of specific note regards the transports:

There is also a lot of debate about how a ‘Leave’ Vote on the 23rd June EU Referendum would effect the transport of animals between the UK and EU. Of course nobody knows yet but we shared our thoughts sometime ago: Implications Of Leaving The EU On Pet Transport Into UK.

On a slightly negative note we have brought back more ‘failed adoptions’ this year so far than we have done since we started the transports, which I think is primarily a case of people assuming that when they adopt from a rescue they are adopting a pet, when in reality in some cases they are adopting a Work in Progress Pet, that will need their love, attention, patience and understanding.

Unfortunately our single biggest issues by a long way occur when people don’t read and digest the information on the site. This continues to be frustrating as not only is it disrespectful to us having put the information on the site, but it is disrespectful to all the other rescues and owners who are adversely effected. We will continue to run the transports the same way using the site, and will maintain our zero tolerance policy. Many people say they are animal rescue for the animals but I (Chris) genuinely, 100% am. I have no interest at all in self promotion on social media, or of achieving perceived celebratory status. I don’t need to be surrounded by sycophants agreeing with my every word, and I have a enough trouble seeing enough of the friends I have had for years to be worried about creating friendships.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be as sociable as the next person, but my focus is and always will be 100% on the safe and secure transport of the animals. People come a distant second, and always will be. I have no criticism of those that do things their own way, so all I ask is that people accept the way we do it.

We have a great bunch of Preferred Partners who we have worked with for years, and without exception I hope we continue working with all of them AND add more in 2017 ………

So what about 2017? We have already got the dates, which we will publish soon but in brief this is what you can expect:

  • MORE transport dates
  • MORE locations throughout EU
  • LOWER Prices

And on that note I will leave you. Thanks to everyone involved so far this year with the transports. We may not all like each other, but you all have our respect, thanks and admiration.

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