2018/19 Shuttle Bookings

Have just paid for our 2018/19 Shuttle Frequent Traveller Tickets for our 2018/19 pet transports between Spain – France – Germany – Holland – Belgium – UK.

Our ‘year’ runs September to July (you can see the Schedule here) so in August I Set up an account with Eurotunnel and pre pay for the number of crossings we will need.

The good news is that they have held the Frequent Traveller price at the same as last year. This ticket is good for off peak times, so if you want to travel at peak times (as we pretty much always do) you pay a supplement.

In previous years this was a very simple fixed amount i.e. it was either off peak (no extra charge) or peak (a standard charge) but this year they have introduced a range of supplementary charges, depending on time of day, time of year, and I think just how the person setting them felt on the day!

Long and the short of it is that having booked our tickets I have a whole range of different costs, no real knowledge as to why but surprise surprise the overall cost of the tickets has gone up …… quite a lot in some cases.

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