45,000 dead animals, due to the toxic train catastrophe

Almost 45,000 Animals Died Because of the Toxic Train Crash in Ohio

The toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio has created justifiable concern among residents about contamination of their air, water, and oil. It turns out, they’re not the only ones who should be concerned.

Authorities have determined that approximately 43,700 animals died because of the hazardous materials involved in this derailment.

Sign the petition to demand a full and thorough cleanup of the waterways these animals called home!

All of the 43,700 creatures that were killed due to this calamity were aquatic, including many species of fish. There’s a high likelihood that this is going to throw local ecosystems wildly out of balance!

The government has already required the rail company involved, Norfolk Southern, to pay the costs of all environmental clean-up associated with its toxic disaster. However, we must ensure it actually follows through, and to the highest standard! All too often, corporations find a way to delay, half-do the job, avoid, or shirk such duties entirely.

Sign the petition to tell the Norfolk Southern company: we will be watching! Conduct a thorough cleanup of your environmental hazards – now!

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