580 whales dead and butchered in a year

100% It Is Time for Norway to Permanently Ban Commercial Whaling!

Whalers in Norway recently slaughtered more than 580 whales during the 2022 whaling season, the highest number in the past six years. The whales most often die brutally, after being shot with grenade harpoons. This causes immense pain and suffering before the great animal finally dies — sometimes as long as half an hour later. These marine mammals are vital parts of their marine ecosystems, and are incredibly intelligent creatures that can develop complex relationships and feel pain. So why does commercial whaling — which is literally just the practice of hunting whales to sell their meat for a profit — still exist in Norway?

Nearly four decades ago, in 1986, the International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling. In that time, whaling has generally decreased worldwide. Yet Norway has remained persistent in its pursuit of whale flesh. In less than four decades, Norwegian whalers have killed more than 15,000 whales. However, fewer and fewer Norwegians are eating whale meat. Instead, young people in Norway increasingly favor protections to save whales! Norway is one of only three countries in the entire world that allows commercial hunts, and it is time its government commits to a more humane and sustainable future. Sign the petition now to tell the Norwegian government: join the international community and finally ban commercial whaling!

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