70 of the caged pets were already dead

Again, how!!??

He Locked 665 Animals in His Home, and Many Died From Horrible Neglect.

Authorities in Nebraska discovered a startling 665 animals in a man’s home. These included chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, turtles, snakes, finches, and even exotic birds. Sadly, with so many animals in the house, it was impossible for the man to sufficiently tend to and care for them all. As a result, most of the animals were horribly injured, malnourished, or otherwise sick because of chronic neglect. Officials were forced to euthanize two of the surviving animals because they were so badly wounded. Just as heartbreaking, investigators found that 70 of the pets were already deceased, their corpses laying around inside the house among the living.

The rescued animals received veterinary care from the Nebraska Humane Society, but experts warned that many of the pets will continue to experience health challenges for the rest of their lives. It’s not surprising, considering what the animals went through. When visiting, investigators found urine and feces littered throughout the man’s home. On top of that, there was very little food and water — some animals didn’t have any provisions at all. Authorities have since arrested the man and charged him with animal cruelty that resulted in death. However, even if he is found guilty, that doesn’t automatically mean he will never own pets again, because of Nebraska’s lax laws. We must protect other animals from this terrifying fate! Sign the petition to demand that authorities ban this animal abuser from ever adopting, owning, or living with animals in the future!

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