A Charming Litter

29/11/12: Micky has now been in Germany for over 2 months and all is fine. I will post new photos of him next. His sisters and brother Chris are still at Montse’s and have grown into big strong kittens of now almost 8 months. Last Friday they all came over to Jenny’s conservatory for a photo shoot, and I had mixed success with them. Chris is quite confident and let us pick him up, Angi was more shy, and almost managed to avoid the camera completely! Enjoy the new photos. I hope they will help Chris and Angi find homes in Germany soon.

27/08/12: Time to meet another litter of Almeria kittens, this time found looking for food near one of the rubbish bins of a football ground. They were lucky because a kind Spanish man took them to Montse. I smile because she has named these cheeky cats after members of AlStrays and Katzenherzen! So we have Sandy (a little torty), Chris (a ginger and white boy), Micky (a little black and white boy) and Angi and Marta (2 more forty girls). The latests news is that Micky already has an adoptant in Germany, which is fantastic as black and white cats are sometimes harder to re-home. He will travel 08.09. if the homecheck is fine. I’m hoping Chris and the little girls will be lucky soon, and that we can re-home them in pairs. In the meantime all 5 are happy and playful at Montse’s.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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