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Life IS pretty hectic at the moment with regard to all the cat stuff, and Chris definitely thinks I’m a little obsessive at times, and that it does tend to take over our lives. Cats can come even before food shopping and definitely before cleaning in our house, but then I was always good at finding something to come before that.

However I’m not the only one who finds it all a bit too much at times. Pam has written the following about her ‘not relaxing’ day today. I guess I’m glad that I DON’T have a dog.

Thought I would write an expose of a Day in the Life of a Mad Cat Woman. Preferably under the heading of Bono. Awake at 4.30 am for some unknown reason, back to sleep until 6.30 am when I got up and gave Bono 13 syringes of cat milk. Emptied the two litter trays I have for my 3 cats, and Bono in the computer room. Had a very necessary cup of black coffee and a fag, showered, dressed and about 7.30am set off to walk my dog Rufus along the Paseo.

There he met up with a lovely Labrador and decided to go in for the kill; he went for this lovely dog about 6 times and then ran off. In desperation I got into my car and drove off with Rufus chasing behind like mad – 6 times I stopped the car and the bloody dog ran off each time. Eventually 30 minutes later he got into the car and was spanked by me. Result … one very quiet dog on back seat.

Off to do the rounds of feeding 5 colonies of stray cats and back home. Stopped outside house opposite my flat as I had to feed the 2 cats belonging to the neighbour who has gone back to the UK for a week. As usual his bloody cats had crapped all over floors – in spite of having a lovely clean litter tray – have only seen one cat all week but by the amount of cat poo know that he must have at least 2 – or one with a serious bowel problem!!!

Into the garage and into my flat to be greeted by 3 starving cats who had to be fed right away or else they would have expired from hunger, one weighing in at 6.2 kls – so no food deprivation there. At midday drove Sandra round to Jenny’s house to collect the two feral cats which we had driven up to the Dog Sanctuary on Tuesday to be spayed and Jennie had very kindly kept them in the warmth for 2 nights. No problems getting them back into the cages – Sandra and I are becoming very expert at this. Drove round to the rocks by the Varadero and released them with plates of food, crunchies and water which they had a go at.Have been back since and they are both OK – good job it was a warm sunny day to release them.

Back home, lunch and then down to the Launderette to wash all my white rugs – back home, collapsed on bed for one hour and then got up, put Bono the kitten in his cage, and off to collect a friend and her cat as it was due to have its injections. Got to Begonias and straight in. My friend’s cat duly injected and back in the box. Then it was get Bono out – he now has an eye infection, but showed Begonia how he was managing to eat – Sandra suggested I try him on Rice and Atun and he is wolfing it down. Begonia reckons that the excess saliva is because he is salivating so much to get at the proper food – instead of the syringes we have been using.

For the FIRST time she could see inside his mouth and said it was normal and to keep on with what we are doing and eventually he will be eating normally. I have eye drops to use 3 times a day and for the first time feel that we are really succeeding with this little cat – he is a real character – has no fear of my dog or the other 3 cats and would in time turn out to be the alpha male. BUT he is going to Germany as soon as he is able to eat normally – which will not take too long now. Now its time to cook the dinner and then I think a very large glass of Rosada and I do not want to hear about cats tomorrow – am totally catted out today!!!!!!

Well done Pam. A tough day!

It IS hard work but we love helping the animals, and we do have a lot of laughs along the way!!!


2 thoughts on “A Day In the Life Of …

  1. Chris

    You love it though 🙂

    You still got John? Seem to havegone all day without mentioning him!!!!

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