A defenseless dog’s skin and fur was dyed to look like the Grinch

In a word ….. *hole!

Rizzo’s Owner Dyed Him to Look Like the Grinch. Animals Shouldn’t Be Exploited for Internet Fame!

Rizzo the dog didn’t ask for attention, but he’s going viral on TikTok. His owner dyed his fur to look like the Grinch for the holidays and it looks as shocking as it sounds. Not only is this not good for Rizzo — it also could be dangerous for other pets if their owners try the same thing.

Now, Rizzo has a dyed green head and legs, complete with a red torso to look like a coat. His owner is pretending that this nonconsensual dye job won’t cause any harm. While she claims the dye is non-toxic, there’s no proof it isn’t, and it could encourage unsafe copycat dye jobs.

Rizzo’s owner is using her position of power over her dog to make harmful choices for him, and it’s just not right! Yet the powers at TikTok and Instagram don’t seem to have done anything to stop her content from spreading — and potentially encouraging similar situations. Sign the petition to demand that TikTok and Instagram take a firmer stance against animal exploitation and animal abuse on their platforms!

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