A friendly bear showed up to this outdoor party after smelling the sweets

We are making a mess of so much!

Protect Wild Bears in Connecticut, Like This One That Joined in on Some Birthday Fun!

A 2-year-old’s recent birthday bash took an unexpectedly sweet turn when a black bear showed up uninvited to indulge in some of the party’s cupcakes. Luckily, in this case, the bear left on its own accord and no one attending the party was harmed. But without adequate public awareness, and with no formal protocol for how to manage human-bear interactions, this encounter could easily have been fatal for the innocent, curious bear.

Connecticut bear sightings and interactions like this are becoming more common — there have been over 8,000 black bear sightings in the small state in this year alone. Connecticut’s wildlife management agencies need to develop solid protocols for managing these interactions and a comprehensive public education campaign to train locals on what to do when faced with a black bear. Together, these tools can ensure that no bear has to have a fatal human encounter, which unfortunately are all too common in wildlife management practices. 

Sign the petition to tell the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Wildlife Division to protect the bears!

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