A man tied his dog to a truck and dragged her across the pavement

Am no longer surprised at these stories, maybe because the culprits are not SENT TO JAIL.

This Man Dragged a French Bulldog Behind a Moving Truck. Justice for Blanca!

Yet another tragic instance of animal abuse was reported in Florida, when a man tied a dog to a truck using her leash and proceeded to drive with the poor animal attached to the vehicle, dragging her across the rough pavement and leading to multiple painful injuries. The dog, named Blanca, managed to survive after treatment. But the pup still suffered greatly, and could have easily died in the incident — which is exactly why this man must never be able to get his hands on an animal again.

Sign now to demand this man receive a lifetime ban on animal ownership!

The person who reported the incident to the sheriff’s department described a harrowing scene, where a dog was dragged by its leash on a local roadway behind a large truck. To the bystanders trying to stop him, this much was clear: that man did not care at all about the well-being of this poor animal. There is one simple step that local authorities can take to guarantee this man never commits this type of heinous crime again: give him a lifetime ban on animal ownership.

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