A nightclub used a baby crocodile to entertain guests

A Melbourne Nightclub Paraded Reptiles Around to Guests. We Cannot Tolerate This Animal Abuse!

Reptiles are sensitive creatures, and while they’re not the typical image of animals who get abused, they can suffer at the hands of human beings, too. Reptiles are especially sensitive to vibrations and loud music, meaning that crowded nightclubs are one of the worst possible places to bring them.

But that is exactly what one Australian nightclub did.

A nightclub in South Yarra shared images on social media of patrons holding and posing with a baby crocodile and snakes during an event. After rightful backlash, the photos were removed from the venue’s account, but there is no evidence that anyone involved learned their lesson. Who is to say the same venue won’t do the same thing again in the future? Sign now to tell Victoria Minister for Environment Ingrid Stitt to launch a public information campaign about the correct way to treat native reptiles!

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