A sweet pup was found severely neglected

This Innocent Dog Suffered Extreme Neglect in Texas

A sweet pup named Golden Girl was found wandering around Waco, Texas, with a collar so tight that it caused severe, painful lacerations around her neck. At best, this was an instance of severe neglect. At worst, the harm suffered by this animal may have been intentional. We need justice for Golden Girl!

Sign now to urge the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office to do everything in their power to find this dog’s owner and suggest a lifetime ban on animal ownership!

The Heart of Texas Lost & Found Pets and Cribs For Canines is offering a reward for information that helps identify the dog owner. McLennan County Sheriff’s Office must help in this search as much as they can – and help ensure that whoever did this cannot lay their hands on an animal again. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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