A Very Cute Litter

30/05/13: Amazingly it is nearly 6 months since I wrote about these little cuties, now 8 months old. Rodri was the first to find his forever home, traveling to Germany in January. Then in February MarieJose travelled to Germany with his little buddy Anthony, who will be his forever friend in his new home. That just left little sister MariePure. Her chance came with the May transport, and already I have photos of the little lady in her new home. Enjoy these and some earlier ones I took in Spain. She is a little black cutie, and her new family are “very, very happy with her” At first she was hiding a little but in the last few days there has been big change and now she is a little cuddle girl! All VERY sweet.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

03/12/12: Rodri and Marie Jose are 2 of a very cute litter, rescued from the streets of Almeria, and now about 3 month old. Rodri will probably be the most popular as he has gorgeous long fur and is definitely the most photogenic, but little black and white Marie Jose is also a lovely little kitten as I saw for myself at the recent photo shoot. I have yet to meet Mari Pure, who is the all black sister but I am sure she is equally cute.

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