A veterinarian beat this frightened dog while it cried in pain

How can he still hold a license???

The video starts with the Michigan veterinarian inside someone’s home — possibly his own — and he is shouting. He directs his anger at a German shepherd, who cowers with his ears back and body trembling, holding himself low to the ground. He stalks up to the pup. Then the vet grabs the animal, throws him down on the ground, and begins to strangle him. Hands wrapped around the animal’s throat, he holds him there, choking him as the poor dog whimpers and cries in pain. Then, as if that weren’t enough, he picks up the dog and smashes him against the ground multiple times. The video is filled with the haunting sounds of the pup desperately yipping and screaming, unsure how to escape the abuse.

As a medical professional who serves animals, this man made a vow to protect pets and other animals and to improve their welfare. At this point, it’s unclear if he also abused any animals at his official veterinary office. We also don’t know if he’s ever been violent towards humans. Research has shown a strong link between abusing animals and abusing people as well. Investigators say they traced the video back to the veterinarian’s family, and likely his son. The family member who took this video then uploaded it to YouTube where it gained public attention. If this man has so much rage and anger that he would beat and attack an animal, it’s concerning to think what else he might do. So far, officials have charged him with misdemeanor animal abuse. But he still has his license for continuing to practice as a veterinarian. Authorities must conduct a full investigation into this man’s history of animal cruelty, and ban him from ever practicing veterinary medicine again. Sign the petition if you agree!

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