A whole gaggle of swimmers harassed protected dolphins in Hawaii

Swimmers Harassed This Family of Terrified Dolphins. Demand Accountability!

Video and photo evidence allegedly shows a giant group of 33 swimmers in Hawaii “aggressively pursuing, corralling, and harassing” a pod of local dolphins – in violation of federal law.

The footage also appears to show several baby dolphins in the pod, making this interaction even scarier and potentially more devastating.

Sign now to tell U.S. federal law enforcement to hold the 33 people involved in this incident accountable for harassing wildlife!

Dolphins and whales already have to contend with various forms of water pollution, overfishing, and warming ocean temperatures because of climate change. Humans should be trying to reduce our future impact as much as possible, and that includes leaving wildlife alone.

It is unclear if these people were tourists or not – but it seems highly likely, given that tourists often want to interact with local wildlife for the “experience.” Tourists or not, these people must be held accountable.

It is time that all 33 people involved in this tragic incident are held accountable by U.S. federal law enforcement! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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