A wild animal ran while Marjorie Taylor Greene shot it down from above

Can someone do the same to her please!!!

This U.S. Lawmaker Wants Civilians to Help Her Shoot Terrified Animals from a Helicopter

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a U.S. Representative from Georgia, is constantly making headlines for causing some scandal or another. This time around, she’s trying to recruit civilians to join her in a competition. The goal? To shoot wild animals from a helicopter. Rep. Greene created a dramatic and theatrical ad for the competition. She shared it on Twitter, inviting fellow hunters to join her. In her video ad, she walks in to thunderous music, armed and ready to do deadly battle. Lightning strikes and her eyes turn stark white. Then, she is riding inside a helicopter, hoisting a gun and taking aim on a hog down below. While the hog runs away, she gets it in her crosshairs, shoots, and kills it.

Afterwards, she stands over the animal’s corpse, posing triumphantly. Would-be contenders are invited to enter their names into a drawing. Then, one supposedly “lucky” winner will be selected to join her, with the option to bring an additional guest. Greene’s organization will provide lodging and full transportation so that the two civilians may partake in the gruesome “sport.” Greene has made it clear that she finds joy in causing death and bloodshed. We must come together and demand that she stop this heinous hunting competition at one! Sign the petition to stand up for defenseless animals, gunned down from the sky.

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