Act now and tell the government to stop a kitten smuggling scandal

There is less than a month left to tell the government to protect kittens from the trafficking, trauma and tragedy that could be forced upon them by pet smugglers.
Stop a kitten smuggling scandal >
The government is consulting on new rules to prevent puppy smuggling and make it much more difficult for unscrupulous sellers to bring poorly puppies and pregnant dogs in from abroad. However, these proposals currently exclude cats and kittens, risking their welfare.
9,000 people have already stood up to stop a kitten smuggling scandal, will you help Cats Protection reach 15,000 emails sent to the government?
Act now >
The number of cats seized at the UK border more than doubled between 2019 and 2020 and the majority were ‘high value’ breeds such as Scottish Folds, Maine Coons and Bengals. Help us stop unscrupulous sellers risking the welfare of cats to make a quick buck.
Put welfare before profit >
Thank you in advance for your support- by using our simple campaign form we can let the government know that we will not stand for kittens being made to suffer for profit.

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