Additional German Legislation

A quick note to remind Rescue Organisations re-homing cats or dogs in Germany that the Animal Rescue Organisations in Germany now have to complete a § 11 1 No. 5 TierSchG which states that the animals have been rescued from a foreign country.

This is a one off ‘application’ by the licenced organisation, not a form that needs completing per animal. Typically the organisation will be granted a number of animals per annum that they can rehome from abroad.

This is only an amendment to the existing law as remember that only a German registered Animal Rescue Organisation, with the appropriate license, can legally re-home an animal in Germany via a German adoption contract, with the appropriate measures in place should the adoption not work out. Prior to this amendment the license just allowed them to rehome animals, now they have to declare if they plan to rehome from abroad and get the appropriate license.

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