Alabama Rot Spreading In UK

Worrying article over on the ITV News Site as Vets are warning dog owners about the spread of a flesh-eating fatal disease that has spread from the USA to Britain.

Cases of Alabama Rot, which first appeared in the late 1980s in greyhounds in America, has spread to at least 16 counties in England in the last two years.

Cases of the skin disease that leads to kidney failure are rare but have quadrupled in the UK.

Symptoms of the disease are skin lesions or sores that appear without injury found below the elbow or knee.

It is unknown how to prevent a dog from contracting the disease, clinically known as idiopathic cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV), and the disease in the UK does not seem to target any specific breed.

Vets are now urging owners who might be taking longer country walks in the warm weather to take extra precautions to stop the disease spreading further such as cleaning mud off their dogs’ paws.

Huw Stacey, head of clinical services at Vets4Pets, said:

The concern among vets in the UK is that unlike the Alabama Rot that affected greyhounds in America, the disease in the UK does not seem to target any specific breed, age, sex or weight of dog.

Any dog owners who think their pet has Alabama Rot symptoms should contact their nearest vet immediately.

How to spot the symptoms of Alabama Rot

Skin lesions, which appear as a distinct swelling or a patch of red skin

They most commonly appear below the elbow or knee

Within two to seven days, the dog will develop signs of kidney failure including: vomiting, reduced hunger and tiredness

For more information on the disease and preventative measures, visit the Vets4Pets website

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