For a rock-bottom 30 cents (25 pence) per meal, we can feed a starving dog in South Africa (who may only eat once a week). HUNDREDS NEED TO BE FED! Please help us provide daily meals for as many starving dogs as possible!

This is an URGENT plea to help us feed as many starving dogs as we possibly can in South Africa, right now. 

Network for Animals receives countless requests for help, and it is heartbreaking to turn any of these down because saying ‘no’ often means gnawing hunger for an animal in need. We can’t bring ourselves to do that, and so we are on a constant quest for food (which we simply cannot get without your support). 

Please donate now

Street dogs in South Africa are starving, a result of a collapsing economy, soaring prices and quite honestly brutal indifference of people who have absolutely no compassion for animals. Thinking about the painfully empty bellies that so badly need filling keeps us awake at night. We simply must reach out to you with this heartfelt plea…  

Many animal welfare organizations in South Africa are stretched to the limit and are struggling to cope with the scary increase of homeless, abandoned and surrendered dogs they receive every week. 

More and more animals are ending up in overpopulated shelters, and more mouths to feed means less to go around. Combine this with an ever-diminishing amount of donations being received by rescue organizations, and you have a dismal, desperate situation. 

We have partners throughout South Africa who look to us to help feed as many dogs as possible. It’s one of the cornerstones of our work and one of the most basic and critical needs we can help address in street dog populations.  

Our long-term partner, Fallen Angels Pet Rescue in Cape Town, received 18 surrenders in just one week, and its rehoming rate has dropped drastically from 70 adoptions to just 25 in a month. Like most no-kill shelters, Fallen Angels receive no government support, and so it relies on us to help whenever we possibly can. 

Our partner in Calvinia, Northern Cape, feeds 150 township dogs during its weekly outreach program but wishes it could feed more. There are hundreds of dogs living in this impoverished area, but only some are ‘lucky’ enough to get a weekly meal. Our partner says they urgently need more food.  

This is the same story we hear from all our partners in South Africa: the need is immense, but resources are pitifully limited. Imagine having to ‘choose’ which dogs to feed, and which will have to wait another day – or week? We know the struggles these organizations face every day, but with your support, we can help ease the suffering of SO MANY helpless little souls. 

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