21/01/13: Albi travelled to a foster home in Germany on the 12.01 transport with his friend Tany. The latest news is that they have a home together and already I have the first photo of this lovely pair.
22/12/12: Albi is a gorgeous, gentle, very friendly siam-mix boy, of about 1 year, that I took out of SOS Pechina a couple of weeks ago. He had been waiting some weeks to be processed in a small cage, and I had noticed he was holding up one paw so was worried about him. I also knew he would find a home quickly so wouldn’t block up foster homes. Albi actually has a partially healed fracture to one knee, but the good news is that an X-ray has shown it is healing well and in alignment so Albi just needs to rest in a cage a little longer and he should be just fine. The other good news is that we already have a foster home waiting for him in Germany, so he will be off on one of the January transports. Kitty’s parents are going to look after Albi until he finds his own family. Life has definitely looked up for this lovely boy.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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