All Arrived Safely

I have great confidence in Jos, who transports out cats to Germany for us, but it is always good to hear that our little buddies have arrived safely, as it is a very long journey.

Martina emailed me about 1 hour ago to say that our 4 cats had been picked up, were fine, and should be just about in their new homes. Martina collected Phoebe and Korky from the transport after a slight delay. She said she was a little late at the pickup point in Grafenhausen, due to traffic, and Jos was early and didn’t wait long. Not surprising as he and Lisa had been on the road for almost 24 hours. Martina then had to catch up with van to take our 2 cats off!

She said that they were ‘SOooo cute’ and has handed them over to Kerstin to drive them the rest of the way to their foster home. Meanwhile another lady picked up Jack and Bruni in Siegerland to take them to their new permanent home. This is great organisation and dedication and I am always SOoo grateful for everything they do for our cats.

I’ve sent messages to all the waiting ex foster parents here in Spain who looked after them so well, and we now await the happy photos. Another successful re-homing exercise! Well done to us all!!!


2 thoughts on “All Arrived Safely

  1. Chris

    Brilliant, it is always good to haer they have arrived safely!!!

  2. Jenny

    Yes, always good to hear that that arduous journey is ended and they are safely in Germany. Well done to all concerned with each stage of their rescue, and we look forward to hearing in due course about the futures of four lovely cats, and to seeing the pictures!

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