All these dogs had was each other when they were abandoned in the freezing cold

Winter is here, and for pet owners that means taking extra precautions to keep our furry family members safe and cozy until the spring. That is, unless you’re the owner of two pitbulls that were found dumped in a park in Avon, Massachusetts. It’s lucky the pair was rescued, since one officer commented that “they wouldn’t have survived in the cold much longer.”

The dogs were extremely emaciated and had cuts on their heads and chests. And yet, after all this cruelty and suffering, the two pitbulls have been nothing but sweet and friendly to rescuers. Against all the odds, these animals still just want to love and be loved. Whoever did this to them didn’t break their spirits. But until their abuser is found and held accountable, who knows what other animals they could be abusing.  Sign the petition to ask that the Avon Police do everything in their power to find who dumped this pair of sweet, bonded pitbulls!

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