ALStrays Future Transports

From January 2013 we will be changing our schedule of transports for rescued cats and dogs.

Each month we will be running two transports that will cover Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK and each will have the capacity to transport: 15 cats or dogs to the UK, and 30 dogs to Germany, Holland or Belgium and 30 cats to Germany, Holland or Belgium.

Note the number of dogs to Germany depends on the size of the dogs. The number of cats/dogs to UK is fixed by DEFRA at 5 per person so we can take a maximum of 15 with three drivers.

The dates for these transports are already on the site at

The first transport each month will be to Germany and will always drop off to Bruchsal, Wallau and Düsseldorf. If we have sufficient numbers i.e. more than four dogs or eight cats we will look at drop offs in Hannover and Nuremberg.

The second transport each month will be to the UK.

We will be setting some scheduled drop off points for the UK as well, but will continue to set the UK drop offs dependent on the destination of the cats and dogs on the transport.

We will be adding the links to the drop off points to the site later this week along with the revised pick up locations in Spain.

This schedule may change so please keep an eye on this page for the most up to date schedule.

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