AlStrays News: 04/01/11

Wow it is over a month since my last AlStrays News post and SO much has happened! Of course you will have seen updates on individual cats, read my Sol Times articles and maybe even heard me on Spectrum FM Mojacar.

My last update listed the cats that travelled on the van transport on 26th November: Carys, Dylan, Dino, Emely, Florence, Henna, Jags, Mocha. Of these only Dino and Emely are still in a foster home. All the others now have adoptants in Germany. Since then on December 22nd, Lilly, TJ, Capsi and Whiskey flew to Stuttgart with foster Mum Erika, and they also now all have adoptants.

Apart from Dino and Emely, it is only Lucy our FelV positive girl, who is still waiting for a permanent home.

The New Year has started on a very positive note. We have confirmed with the German girls that we will drive to meet them at the French border the weekend of January 21st, and already the car is looking like being very full, with nearly 30 cats travelling, mostly to adoptants.

These include a litter of Siam-mix kittens from an animal rescue near Lorca, a beautiful siam-mix female from Roquetas, 4 more cats from the ‘Alondra Dupont’ protectora in Almeria, 3 adult Persian mix cats from a Spanish lady in Mojacar, 4 more of the Subway cats, 9 cats from PAWs Mojacar, 2 Sorbas cats, 1 cat from a German couple, one from an American lady, and at least one cat from a Spanish man in Almeria!

You get the picture. AlStrays, working with the fantastic girls in Germany, is finding homes for a lot of cats from across the Almeria region, and working with an increasing team of people.

In addition there is another litter of Siam-mix kittens in foster care who already have adoptants, but are too young to travel this time, 3 more kittens awaiting homes, one new local baby, and one more litter of 3 about to come in, AND I have a list of other cats and kittens waiting for help, some of whom are already on the German homepages. The work continues.

Look out for more regular updates in the weeks to come. AlStrays is definitely making a difference.

And finally, enjoy this photo of Belle and Twiggs. They travelled to Germany in December 2009, but due to a change to the circumstances of their original adoptant, they have just been found another, hopefully this time ‘forever’ home!I wish them well, and the best of luck for a happy and secure future together!

Belle & Twiggs In Their New Home

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