ALStrays Pet Transport Newsletter: June 2013

Welcome to our 6th newsletter of 2013.

May was a busy month, both in terms of PETS transports to the UK, transportation of rescue animals within Spain, and putting the final touches to our TRACES registered transport and the Bosnia transport (see below).

One thing that concerns me more than anything else at the moment is the continued use of non DEFRA/AHVLA transports. I was made aware this month of one that was taking twelve (12) dogs into the UK. It is not our position (or policy) to ‘shop’ these people but we would implore rescue centers not to use them. They are only going to cause problems for everyone that is trying to do the right thing by the animals and all I can say is don’t come crying to the approved transporters in the future when DEFRA/AHVLA revises the PETS Scheme and make it harder and more expensive to transport rescued animals and pets to the UK from Spain.

A credible and responsible rescue operation wouldn’t use such an individual as any short term financial gain is going to be a false economy.

Unfortunately it was another month with way too much bitching, back stabbing and deliberate lying. I have no doubt we are not whiter than white, and we have fallen out with a few people who we feel have let us down, but …….. our only concern remains the safe transportation of the animals that need our help and to that end our door will always be open to anybody that needs a dog or cat transporting. We don’t have to like each other or even respect each other in order to help the animals. It seems to me that too many people have hidden agendas and egos that are getting in the way. To repeat, bygones be bygones, water under the bridge, focus on the animals ….. our door remains open to all.

I have had a lot of people contact me about what they perceive to be a conflict of interest with the recent trend of rescue operations to provide transport as well. Their argument goes along the lines of: the transport costs money and needs to break even, if not make a profit. So what happens when a transport has a couple of spaces to fill, but a home check can’t be carried out in time, or a blood test completed. Human nature would have you believe that the temptation to ‘take the dogs anyway’ would kick in which is just increasing the risk of unhealthy animals being imported into the UK. Again, DEFRA/AHVLA are showing an increased concern with this.

Of course at ALStrays we run two projects: re-homing and transport so are we at risk of this conflict? In brief. No. The only re-homing that we do is through registered charities. We have absolutely no contact with, or influence over, the adoptant. All the cats are placed by the charity with home check and contract being completed by them. In essence we source cats to fulfill their demand and ensure that the cats are all prepared to their exacting standards.

Whilst we have no conflict of interest I can see, and sympathise, with the concerns raised.

Future Transports


The PETS transport to the UK in June will leave Spain on the 8th June, arriving in the UK on the 9th June. We will leave the UK again on the 11th June arriving back in Spain on the 12th June.

We currently have 2 spaces left on this transport BUT as we have confirmed the schedule any new dog or cat will have to be collected on the current schedule.

We also have the Bosnia transport in June (see below)


We have three transports scheduled in July

The first transport in July is a PETS transport which will leave Spain on the 6th July, arriving in the UK on the 7th July. We will leave the UK again on the 9th July arriving back in Spain on the 10th July.

The third person space has been taken on this transport.

We currently have 5 spaces available on this transport.

The second transport is our TRACES transport to Europe. This is run ‘under contract’ for the protectors that we work for but a few spaces tend to be available so if you are registered to provide TRACES please feel free to enquire. This will leave Spain on the 13th July.

We have a third transport that which is a PETS transport and is scheduled for the 27th July, returning on the 30th BUT this is To Be Confirmed. We will run the transport if sufficient demand but ideally we want to take a six week break over the summer. One option will be to take the small van (10 dogs/cats) and do a 4 day trip.


PETS Transport Scheme

There still seems to be some confusion as to the use of the PETS transport scheme. In brief it can only be used for the transportation of a personal pet, when the transport is necessitated by a move (permanent or temporary) by the pets owner.

A rescue animal can not be transported under the PETS scheme, and requires an additional health certificate.

We have posted a guide on the site which you can read here. This is a really important issue as DEFRA and the AHVLA are both getting more vigilant regards the transportation of pets and rescue animals into the UK, and quite rightly. From our perspective we will trust the information that we are given on the booking form.


We have now got everything in place so that we will be providing TRACES transportation for the local protector that we have been working with and for for several years. This is great news as it means we will be able to help transport more rescue dogs and cats, as the 1:5 ‘rule’ isn’t applicable for a TRACES transport.

Office Fair Trading

We had a very productive meeting with the OFT in Stoke. Looks like we have managed to pick up some work to transport for them as a result of it.


Bosnia is good to go! We will be arriving in Bosnia on the 17th June to collect and transport 15 dogs to Germany and the UK. We have three drivers for the transport and the paperwork has all been taken care of by the organisation contracting us.

It is going to be an ‘interesting’ trip to say the least, but one we rare looking forward to.

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