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The lovely little kittens pictured are our visitors from Murcia. They came to us on January 8th, when the transport to Germany had to turn back at the French border due to snow. Initially I planned to put them back on the transport the following week, but due to their bad colds they have stayed with us much longer. Both are nearly fully fit, and the good news for them is that they will now be flying to Germany on February 26th.

A few days beforehand, we will be doing a handover on-route to Murcia, but we are keen to keep them as long as possible, to minimise the time they will need to spend back in the cat rescue home before they fly. For now they are being thoroughly spoilt, and loved by Jayne and Mike, who are finding them them the sweetest, best behaved of kittens.

Chivers meanwhile has adapted reasonably well to being inside. He is demanding food all the time, and enjoying being stroked. We are concerned that he will miss his outdoor life, but as he is FIV positive this isn’t a responsible option for him now. My hope is that we will find him a great home in Germany with a huge balcony, and maybe another FIV positive cat to play with. For now he is with Dawn and next week he will be re-united with his good friend Pam who along with George has kept him well fed for over 2 years.

Lucia remains our concern, as she has adapted less well to being inside and is still afraid and hiding. Erika has however seen some hope in the last couple of days, as Lucia has approached the living room and appeared to be looking for the kittens. Pam and George aim to visit her a lot in the next week, to try and help her integrate, as she is another of their long-term rock cats, and knows them the best.

Cosmo kitten is also still pretty feral, but I am less worried about him, as he is young and therefore hopefully more adaptable, and, whilst avoiding Erika, he is enjoying himself playing with the other kittens.

Trixie and Marty kittens are very well, and after their last injections next week will be ready to travel to Germany. At the moment there is a slight problem and no scheduled transports so we are looking at flight options, to get them there as quickly as possible. Both these sweet kittens have adoptants waiting for them.

Overall things are quiet and until the transport situation resolves itself, I am hoping they stay that way. We still have some port cats that need catching and castrating, so that will be my focus for the next few weeks. Of course if we find abandoned kittens or vulnerable tame cats, or dogs, we will rescue them, but until transport to Germany is back in place, I am not looking to take in any more cats. For now we must take stock, fund-raise and wait to see what the next month or so brings.

Froylan & Flofy

Froylan & Flofy


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