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Sunday April 11th

All arrived safe and well in Egelsbach, Germany. I am awaiting more detailed news in the next couple of days!

Saturday April 10th

Tigre and Carla & pups are now on the transport to Germany. They will arrive at Egelsbach around 8.30 tomorrow morning, where Martina will be awaiting them. We now all look forward to news of their safe arrival.

Thursday April 8th

Yesterday was a mixed day, with a visit to vet Miguel, great news re. Carla and puppies and the transport confirmed for this weekend, but also a very sad event.

I am currently in the UK, so Pam and Mary had the task of catching feral Nelson, and getting him up to the protectora. Miguel confirmed that he is over 6 months and he was duly castrated, chipped, tested and vaccinated. A beautiful siamese stray was also castrated for a reader of The Reader who contacted me. She is going to give him a home.

Whilst at the protectora, Mary was able to confirm details for Saturday’s transport, and was told that Carla and her puppies will definitely be traveling in the driver’s cab to their new foster home with a friend of Martina’s, one of our lovely German girls. Carla was actually having a haircut and tail trim yesterday and seemed well. All her tiny puppies have so far survived, and I have hopes for a very happy ending for them all.

Nelson when collected was pronounced ‘not a good boy’ as he bites, but Kerstin has now put his photos on the homepage of their German website, and I am confident he will calm down soon and find a good home. He is after all a very beautiful boy.

Up until this point yesterday was a very good day, apart from the fact that the other kitten we wanted to rescue this week has disappeared. Then things got worse.

Yesterday evening, Pam and Mary were told about a ‘badly injured’ cat in darsena one which had been hit by a car. It was in fact dead, and the saddest part was the reaction of our own thin black stray, who is part of the Nautico bunch. Apparently he has 2 ‘homes’, and was found crying on top of the body of his apparent ‘wife’. I feel very sorry for him, and not sorry that I missed this incident.

It is such a shame that people are not more careful driving around the port. Very sadly this is the second stray cat hit by a car since my last update. Pam found one of our beautiful Nautico kitten dead only last week.

To finish on a positive note, Tigre has settled well at Dawn’s where he is spending his last week with us here. He will be off early on Saturday morning on the transport to Germany. I am sorry I will not be there to see him off, and I wish this lovely boy a good life.

In addition the Almerimar Strays Book Sale on Saturday raised another 155 euros for the cause. Thank you to everyone who helped.

And finally the photos below are of little Felix, who came to us in August as a Very Cute Kitten of only about 2 weeks. Foster Mum Nicola bottle fed him for weeks and decided she couldn’t part with him, so he has stayed here with us. He will however be off to Germany in May to join Nicola at her new home.






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2 thoughts on “ALStrays This Week

  1. Pam Roberts

    On a positive note Nelson seems to have quietened down since his operation yesterday and Erica confirmed that he was OK.
    On a sad note – the grey cat in Darsena 1 was, according to our vet Begonia – killed outright.When I got to the scene I saw the saddest thing ever, the thin black cat which I feed every morning was crying and lying on top of the grey cat – licking the back of her neck.I had a job to separate them.He was very distressed. Mary and I rushed the cat to the Vet but we knew there wasnt any hope – but had to try.So that is 3 cats in a week who have been knocked down by crazy drivers – so sad.I wish drivers would slow down whilst driving around the Marina – only this morning a tiny child ran right out in front of my Car outside the Ankara – thank goodness I was crawling along – and what happened to reins on a small child???

  2. Ashley

    Interesting article, in fact, very sorry, downed kittens, well, what can you do, man can not keep track of everything, and sometimes there are tragedies, nothing can be done. Very pleased to read that there are still people who care about animals in distress.

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