ALStrays Transport: The Future

Last month I flew the the inspector over from the UK to do the DEFRA Certifications on three of our four vehicles that we use for the transport of cats and dogs under both the PETS Scheme and the TRACES Scheme.

Let me say here a huge thanks to SAI Global for allowing their lead inspector Chris Talbot to fly over and do the inspections here in Spain, as it was a huge help to me!

We now have four vehicles DEFRA Certified for another 5 years, and a Type 2 Certificate that expires in 5 years time also. You can find details of the Vehicles, License and Certificates (all downloadable) over on the Transport Page.

At the time of writing we have been transporting cats and dogs for 7 years, have travelled 525,685 miles, transported 3121 Cats & 2523 Dogs (Total 5644) and Sands has re-homed 1227 Cats.

Our plan is to continue with the Six Weekly Scheduled Transports and Re-Homing Project for another five (5) years, at which point we plan on calling it a day. I suspect that we will always try and do some transports for the Cats, Galgos and our regular Pet Owners, but our focus after 5 year swill be on enjoying our remaining time here in Spain before we head back to the UK.

For now though it is business as usual! The 2018 dates are all on the site and are available for booking. The new license and certificates are on the site and can be downloaded as required for TRACES etc.

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