AlStrays Update: 07/08/10

Things continue to be busy as I plan towards an August transport date, not helped by the fact that that date is still un-confirmed. The good news is that I am hopeful of getting enough boxes to send 15 cats and kittens to Germany, 8 of whom already have adoptants waiting for them.

Since my last update, despite the fact that August is a big holiday month in Germany, homes have been confirmed for 3 more of our August travellers, and also for Benny and Olli who flew to Germany about 3 weeks ago. In addition foster homes have been found for all the remaining cats that I want to send, and their vaccination programs are on track. They will be ready to travel.

This is vital as between Almerimar and Mojacar we currently have too many rescued cats and kittens, foster parents about to go on holiday, and more kittens that are waiting to be helped. In the last 10 days, I have rescued one kitten from outside a supermarket, 3 kittens have been caught up near Albox, and 2 more kittens have been taken in following the death of their mother. In addition I know of a further 6 4-week old kittens needing re-homing.

Good news is that a new foster Mum has contacted me this week, which enabled me to help the Albox kids in the knick of time, as the kind couple who have been feeding them are about to leave for France.

In addition to cats, a friend of our German girls rescued a small dog whilst on holiday near Alicante, and I was thankfully able, with help, to find a small dog rescue for him the day before they were due to fly home to Germany. He will follow them in due course. We also have another puppy rescued from the main road to Roquetas, who is currently on my list for re-homing, assuming his rescuer doesn’t decide to keep him!

Meanwhile feedback continues to come in from Germany on our re-homed cats, and yesterday I received some great new photos of one of our special ones, Smokey Boy (now Simon). Look out for those tomorrow. Other news is that Nelson ,one of our more feral kittens, is now doing very well in his second home, after his first adoptant decided not to keep him. Last week, I received this feedback from Germany:

“Nelson is okay and very happy and he likes to live in his new apartement. The other male cat Bufo is very careful with him… and yesterday Nelson eat together with him one food…
Saturday morning he jumped on the feeds of Christina… she had them under her blanket in the morning… and Nelson played… and he learned to jump on her backside if she slept, because he saw that Bufo does that too…
He do not like to eat the wet food… ;o) she gave him 3 different but nothing is good enought… ;o)
Nelson is a lovely boy and comes more and more but he is untouchable furthermore… she only see him if he is in his bed in the sleeping room and very very tired…”

AND FINALLY, big Chivers, another of our special ones, and girlfriend Ilsci have settled extremely well in their new home as is obvious from these latest photos. It appears that Chivers’s new Dad is into photography, which is always a good thing, as we love photo updates of our cats. Enjoy! Chivers look VERY contented and I LOVE the little garden area.

Big Chivers

Girlfriend Renamed Luna


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