AlStrays Update: 27/07/10

Along with the girls in Mojacar we are continuing to ‘get through’ kitten season. Summer is always busy, and the situation is not helped by the fact that our prospective adoptants in Germany are mostly on holiday.

All is very quiet on the German web sites which are full of beautiful cats and kittens looking for homes. We have had one only one new home confirmed in the past few weeks for siam-mix kitten Pablo from Mojacar. Fortunately new foster parents have come forward in Germany, so we should be able to get cats away from Spain on the next transport in August. I am aiming to get 6 big cats and 12 kittens on their way which will be a record in one go, if I achieve it.

We are desperately in need of more foster homes here and up towards Mojacar. We are into cat overload, not helped by the fact that the Summer shortage of adoptants has also affected the dog protectota, and led to the cancellation of the July transport.

On a more positive note, Big Chivers, one of our ‘special’ FiV positive cats, went on Saturday to his new forever home, along with his little Hungarian toygirl Ilsci, and from the photo here, looks pretty contented. His foster home is now free to take another of our special ones, either Lucy who is FeLV positive, or Albi our latest FiV boy.

Other news is that I have had 2 calls for help from the lovely girls in Germany this weeks, actually on behalf of friends of their who are staying on holiday up towards Alicante. Last week these kind people rescued an abandoned litter of kittens from near their hotel, and I was able to provide details of a cat rescue close to them. Today I have started trying to urgently find somebody to take in a very small dog they have rescued, before they fly back to Germany on Friday! It seems that true animal lovers do not rest even when on holiday, but continue to try to help wherever they are.

Yesterday was a slightly frustrating day as of the 11 kittens that we took to the protectora, 7 must return on Thursday when new stocks of vaccinations are in. Lesson learnt that I need to make sure I speak to Karin who runs the dog rescue, as well as Miguel, their part time vet. Miguel was ready and willing, but had nothing to give them!

He was however able to give me Fleur’s final X-ray result, which was fine. Her broken leg is healed! We already knew really from her movement and energetic play, but it was still good to hear from the expert that all is well. Fleur of course already has her forever home. She is Chris’s and my 4th cat! I’m not quite sure when the decision was made, but Fleur has made her home here and is loved by all of us. Even stroppy Saidi is coming round to her presence, and Oscar and Mori love her. As for Fleur, she never intended going anywhere else! She is very happy and we are very happy to have her.

Contented Chivers

New Love Ilsci

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