AM At La Casa

Just back from coffee and a tostada, following a morning’s cleaning at Casa De Los Gatos, the cat rescue. Gisela is very kind but not really well enough to do this any more, and things get a little out of hand re. the cat toilets. Lovely job!!!

The number of cats is slowly creeping up towards 30 again which is not good, but she assures us the 10+ new kittens will be off to Germany soon to a friend of hers who has a cat rescue over there. I will try and help her move out some of the older more tame cats if I can, later in the year, but for now we need to focus on our Almerimar cats. In the meantime we will continue to help her when we can, and she remains an important part of our team, particularly for emergency shelter.

Ginger Jasper was looking a little sorrowful in his cage, but he must stay there until at least Monday when I have had a chance to talk to Miguel about what operation he needs. The good news is that he is warm and safe and his paw now seems fine after a couple of day’s resting it. He was also happy to be stroked and we think with a little more love and attention could be re-homed. I wll put him on the list also for later in the year, when we hope to have more temporary foster homes.

For now it’s kitten rescue time and, when our (lost in transit) feral cat trap, finally turns up it will also be female catch time.

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  1. Chris

    Sure it isn’t pleasant but Gisela is a crucial part of your long term success with the cats 🙂

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