Amazing Transport

Yesterday’s transport was a huge achievement for all concerned, and was the end of an extremely busy week of organising for me.

Milly, Mia, Calypso, Choccy, Petra, Mica, Zita & Vivi from Almerimar Strays, along with, Poppy, Jemima, Cleo, Maria, Pedro, Monty, Bobby & Tina from Mojacar PAWS cats, AND Marlene, Paul, Marlon, Tony & Duna from a small cat rescue (Alondra Du Pont) in Almeria, all travelled to new lives in Germany.

This was our biggest transport ever with 21 cats and kittens travelling, AND one small dog pictured. Django was found by one of the friend’s of our German partners, whilst she was on holiday near Alicante. He was alone, afraid and hungry and obviously abandoned. A frantic 24 hours followed while I searched for a foster home within reach, before Michi had to fly back to Germany and leave him.

News from Germany so far is that all our travellers are well, and settling into their new homes, and I have the first photos of happy cats. 11 of the cats already have adoptants and the other 10 will be well looked after in foster homes for the time being. I am hoping that they all find forever homes soon, not least because in the next 6 weeks we hope for another large transport of Spanish kittens to Germany, and need those foster homes to be free.

Once again I have to thank the lovely German girls who work so hard for our strays, and on transport arrival day drive hundreds of kilometers to deliver cats, AND the kind adoptants and foster parents who take them into their homes, and often drive to meet the transport themselves.

Also a big thank you to all the foster Mums here in Almerimar, and particularly to Erika, who not only fosters so many of out kittens, but this time, stepped up at the last minute when one of the drivers was unable to travel, and without whom none of the animals would have been able to travel.

It HAS been a very busy week for me but all the cats are beautiful in different ways and they are so worth all the time I for one spend on this.


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