Animal abuse is a form of domestic violence

The Washington Supreme Court Just Ruled That Animal Abuse Can Count as Domestic Violence. Colorado Must Follow Suit.

In a monumental victory for animal rights, the state of Washington’s Supreme Court just ruled that animal abuse can count as a form of domestic violence. In a case where a man brutally beat and murdered an innocent chihuahua in a parking lot, the court ruled a domestic violence designation. If Colorado wants to remain a leader on animal rights issues, it must follow suit.

Sign now to demand that the state of Colorado include animal abuse on the list of things that can constitute domestic violence!

Over the past decade, many researchers have found that the link between domestic violence and animal abuse is real. People who are violent towards their pets are more likely to be violent towards their human partners, too. The relationship is also true in reverse — those who commit acts of domestic violence are more likely to physically abuse their pets. Since these forms of violence are clearly closely linked, there is no reason animal abuse shouldn’t count as a form of domestic violence itself. 

Lawmakers must be proactive and stand up for animals to prevent more instances of needless harm and abuse in the future. Sign the petition now if you agree!


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