Animal exploitation as entertainment is outdated

Close The Dolphinarium at Barcelo Riviera Maya Hotel, Mexico

Barcelo Riviera Maya Hotel in Mexico has one of the smallest Dolphinariums in the country and holds five adult males, some captured from the wild. The hotel swimming pool is much bigger than the dolphin tank.

The dolphin tank is concrete, way too small, shallow and with no shade, exposing the dolphins to the hot sun all day long. It’s common to see blindness in their eyes due sun exposure but also due to the high levels of chemicals put in the water to filter out the dirt. We’re calling on Barcelo Hotel Group to close down this dolphinarium.

Due to being confined day in day out the dolphins are forced to defecate in the same space they live in. In spite of the filters in the tank and the heavy chemicals it’s impossible to remove all the bacteria and the dolphins are prone to painful skin infections and other illnesses. They need a lot of medicine and antibiotics to stay alive. This is ridiculous, it’s time for these dolphins to be free!

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