Animal lovers in Mexico want stronger animal rights laws

Thousands of Animal Lovers in Mexico Are Protesting Against Cruelty. Let’s Stand With Them!

Last month, thousands of people filled the streets of Mexico City standing up for animal rights and demanding change from the Mexican government.

Citizens are refusing to be silent amidst a wave of horrific animal abuse cases, including a recent tragedy in which a teenager tortured and killed a stray puppy and then posted about it on Facebook. 

Protesters are asking for stronger penalties for perpetrators of animal abuse. They also want lawmakers to amend the Mexican Constitution to consider animals as sentient beings. 

In the past seven years, lawmakers have attempted to pass three different initiatives to improve animal welfare in the country and failed. In the meantime, while these vital laws weren’t passed, horrific abuses have continued to unfold. For example, earlier this year, a roadside camera captured a man throwing a little boy’s dog into a vat of boiling oil, right in front of him.

Sign the petition to demand Mexico’s Congress of the Union take the protesters’ demands seriously and pass stronger animal protection laws!

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