Animal testing causes burns, bleeding, infections, and death

For 23 years, lawmakers in the UK have protected animals from cruel and needless experiments, performed on them all for the sake of beauty products. Now, the British government is actually considering mandating animal testing — meaning companies would have no choice but to torture small creatures in order to sell their products in Britain!

Animal testing is a brutal industry, plain and simple. Living beings are used, against their will, in these trials and experiments. They are locked up and their fur is shaved down to expose bare skin, where chemicals are rubbed on their bodies to see how bad the reaction is. Their eyelids are held open and substances are pasted directly onto their eyes. They are grabbed and held in place while people shove even more chemicals down their throats. As a result, these animals often suffer from bleeding, blindness, severe abrasions, infections, toxicity, organ damage, cancer, pain, and death.

By now, there are NUMEROUS cruelty-free ways to test the safety and effectiveness of a cosmetic product. Some research even suggests that animal testing is dangerous for humans, because it is a poor measure of a substance’s toxicity for people. Despite this evidence, members of the British government are saying they believe animal testing is necessary to prove that merchandise is safe for human use. Such a proposal would be devastating for innocent, helpless animals and for humans alike. Demand that British lawmakers stand strong and keep animals safe from cosmetics testing! The ban must remain!

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