Animals are held captive and tortured for beauty products in these states

Louisiana Banned the Sale of Cosmetics Cruelly Tested on Animals! All Remaining States Must Do the Same!

For years, animal rights activists have been calling for the end of cosmetics testing on innocent animals. Not only is the practice deeply cruel, causing unnecessary suffering to animals; through technological advances and a long list of already approved ingredients, this awful practice has in recent years become totally unnecessary. By recently passing a ban on the sale of cosmetics that test on animals, Louisiana just showed that there is no excuse for companies to continue to subject animals to this abuse! 

During cosmetic testing, animals have products forced into their eyes, down their throats, and slathered on their poor, tender skin. They are kept in bleak testing facilities where they may never see the sun, touch grass, or know true love and nurturing. Rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats, to name a few, are restrained during these painful tests so they cannot move or get free — and they go through all of it without any pain relief.

There are cheaper, faster alternatives that do not subject poor animals — who should have the opportunity to live lives with autonomy and dignity — to abusive cosmetic testing practices. Sign the petition now to tell the remaining 41 U.S. states that allow the sale of cosmetics tested on animals, along with Washington D.C., to emulate Louisiana’s ban!

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