Animals at this farm are enduring horrific cruelties

Carrefour Spain: stop the unnecessary suffering of chickens now!

Carrefour is a major corporation in Europe that operates a huge chain of grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. Now the animal rights organization Equalia has just released a shocking new report about the brutal mistreatment of chickens — at farms related to Carrefour Spain. Equalia’s investigative research has uncovered details this farm undoubtedly wouldn’t want the public to know about. That includes its alleged non-compliance with some livestock wellbeing regulations in the EU.

One particularly horrific discovery is that Carrefour Spain’s affiliated farm often slaughters birds via electric baths. Electric baths are what they sound like: staff immerse these living animals into water that has been electrified, in order to stun the creatures before their bodies are sent to slaughter. While this practice isn’t yet illegal, it inflicts incredible suffering on animals. Clearly, Carrefour Spain is not interested in providing chickens with even the minimum animal rights that are required either by law or basic ethics. Animals are lucky that Equalia has brought these concerns to light. Now Carrefour Spain must end its cruelty now! Sign the petition to demand that Carrefour Spain finally improve animal welfare conditions at its affiliated farms!

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