Animals escaped a slaughterhouse. Then police killed them

They escaped the slaughterhouse, but not the slaughter. Three cows in the U.S. recently undertook a daring mission: they managed to escape terror, torture, and death at a Missouri slaughterhouse. Locals witnessed the animals desperately running for their lives, but it didn’t last long. Soon, the local police showed up and shot two of the escaped cows dead. Cops brought the third right back to the slaughterhouse, where it was butchered just a few hours later.

Officers claimed they only killed the animals after they had “exhausted all options,” but that seems unlikely. People found one of the cows simply roaming around a local football field, without showing signs of aggression, posing no threat to anyone. In other escaped cow instances, authorities have relocated the animals to sanctuaries where they could be cared for — so why not this time? All animals should be treated with dignity. Sign the petition to demand the Blue Springs Police Department investigate these actions, and ensure no more animals are killed by police officers in the future!

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