Animals have died from swallowing glass, being gunned down, and strangulation at this zoo

In 2018, 1 in 5 animals at the Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in West Wales was revealed to have died — from mysterious strangulation, to swallowing broken glass and splintered wood, to chronic and most likely untreated illnesses. A lynx escaped from a shoddy, badly maintained enclosure and was subsequently shot dead. Birds were reportedly living in an aviary infested with rats, and broken heating left others shivering in the freezing cold. Things got so bad that in the summer of 2020, the facility was banned from keeping big cats entirely, a victory many hoped would lead to increased welfare and resources for the remaining animals.

But after a check from Ceredigion County Council officers in March of 2021, it is clear that the operation is still neglecting and endangering its imprisoned animals. Officers from the county council that toured the facility called for changes that were many and “urgent.” The facility’s pigs did not have access to clean water. Numerous enclosures, including ones that house a type of racoon and another of silver foxes, were either overgrown with restrictive hedges and foliage, far too small for proper exercise and behavior, or had rotting and deteriorating fencing, making the possibility for more animal escape and death highly probable.

It is clear that after many chances, the owners of Borth Wild Animal Kingdom are not equipped, or not willing, to provide a safe and humane home for their animals. Join us in asking the Ceredigion County Council to shut down this cruel zoo for good — sign the petition today!

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