04/11/12: Arial (now Amira) does not have her forever home and it sounds perfect. The news is that she is settling well but remains a diva. She is slowly giving affection and after several days even sat on her new Mum’s lap. She finds the comfortable places to sleep and does exactly what she wants. Certain things she has no interest in, and she even bites a little when she is disturbed. Very diva like behaviour but her new family knew all about this little princess before they adopted her and they love her. Definitely a perfect home!
20/07/12: Kerstin has sent me lots of new photos of Arial playing and chilling out. Enjoy them all in the gallery below. Strangely for such a beautiful cat, Arial has not yet found her forever home, but we’re putting this down to a lot of people in Germany being on holiday. She really is a lovely affectionate cat with people.

22/06/12: Arial is another abandoned cat, found by a kind English lady, lonely and hungry in a small town called Turre. She was rescued in January of this year and all was fine again for several months, until this lady needed to return to the UK to live. She tried to find someone to adopt Arial locally, but when this proved hopeless, she did the next best thing which was to hand her into the local vet. I first heard about her through PAWs and as poor Arial was reduced to living in a cage, it was very urgent to get her to a proper foster home in Germany quickly. Kerstin fortunately was back from her holiday just in time, and Arial travelled on the last transport on 15.06. She has settled well, being a very tame, friendly cat, but Kerstin has pronounced her a cat ‘Diva’. Arial knows how beautiful she is and expects to be respected by other cats and dogs accordingly! I have a feeling she will have her forever home soon!

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